Sprinkling Happiness

The Princess Hanger

by pinchofpretty04 Jul 2018
Children’s bedrooms and cupboards are highly likely to look like the eye of a storm just passed through there. Parents will agree- the struggle in keeping a child’s wardrobe neat and organized is real. Trying to involve said child into the tidying process is even more Read More

The Ceramic Letters

by pinchofpretty04 Jul 2018
Decorating a room is much more work than what it sounds like. And if a child is included in the proceedings, you can rest assure that discovering the right mix of designs, patterns and themes are going to take much longer than what you originally Read More

The Dog Mirror

by pinchofpretty04 Jul 2018
A three-months-old infant reacts in a different way to its reflection as it does to another baby. Around the time children reach 18 months, studies say, they begin recognizing themselves Read More

The Prince Hanger

by pinchofpretty04 Jul 2018
A room for children is supposed to be the reflection of the kind of person they are and the kind they aspire to be. It has to be fun, cool, interesting. But above all, it must be something your child enjoys. Read More