Create the World for your Children

With our vibrant and abundant options available for decor that bring style and uniqueness in your homes, you are sure to be delighted. With Pinch of Pretty, you are ready to create beautiful rooms and beautiful memories for a long long time!

Here’s a glimpse of what all our store has for you and your children!

  • Alphabetic decor: Decorated letters bring a beautiful charm in homes and are very popular in recent times. From ceramic, mirror, superhero and princess alphabets, you and your children have so much to choose from!
  • Shelves: Make good use of the empty space on your walls and add a bit of magic with the wall shelves that PinchofPretty offers. Available in a variety of designs, these wall shelves bring a beautiful charm to your homes, making a perfect fit for you to organize your books, photos and home decor articles.


  • Wall Art: An artistic wall brings a joyous mood around. From canvas paintings to wall mirrors our décor range will add a lot of colour to your room. We also have some amazing designer growth charts. The Shadow boxes are handcrafted with the highest quality of the material.
  • Pinboards: Pinboards come handy for all family members, from noting important information, pinning photographs, writing messages and hanging your childrens’ best masterpieces, you can never miss on having these. Well, Pinch of Pretty has beautiful shapes for pinboards that are sure to become your kids favourite!
  • Furniture: Add some sparkle and beauty in your homes with our perfectly designed stools, tables and chairs for young kids. We have a variety of furniture options available in vibrant colours and amazing animal designs that can be customized to suit your requirements. 


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