Did You Know A gorgeous Table Lamp will illuminate and elevate your environment?

A table lamp has the ability to change the appearance of a home by shifting it from a standard setup to an exceptional one. To maintain adequate lighting, distribute lighting across your house and workstation. Whether it's a desk for your youngster or a home office, our most recent collection of table lamps will complement the décor of your home. Purchasing a fully-proof table lamp is not a simple chore. A beautiful table lamp requires only a few considerations. Pinch of Pretty has an incredible selection of lights for kids and their rooms.

Table Lamps by Pinch of Pretty

Choosing the Best Table Lamp


Where there is light, there is pleasure!

The shape of the table lamp is a significant factor in determining the overall appearance of the room. The key to selecting the proper table lamp is to understand its size and placement. It is critical to think about where you intend to put it. Its design is more significant than its usefulness. If you want to give your home a retro atmosphere, opt for antique designs. Discover new ways to add new style and aesthetic appeal to your house by exploring our selection of lights for your children.

Select from a broad range of illumination and lamps for your child's studies. Our modern table lamps offer a sharply focused light and are adaptable to changing situations. With these stylish table lamps, you can bring a lot of brightness to your baby's nursery and brighten up their space. To get the greatest items for your child, choose from a wide range of patterns and goods that we offer.


With this Basket Ball Lamp, you may let an infusion of light and colour take over your favourite space. The robust lamp is made of wood, and it includes a cotton shade to go with your preferred design scheme. For optimal light output, put it next to your bed or on a study table.

Made of ceramic
Shade is provided.
Bulb 40 watts, CFL 9 watts, or LED 9 watts are appropriate.
cord length- 2 Meters
The bulb is not included.



Place this Oink Winger Butterfly table lamp there to offer the home or playroom the ideal themed appearance. A broad range of lighting solutions, from colourful and whimsical to traditional and exquisite, are offered by Pinch of Pretty.

  • Made from ceramic
  • Shade included
  • Suitable for: 40-watt bulb, a 9-watt CFL light, or a 9-watt LED bulb.
  • 2 metres is the length of the cord.
  • There is no bulb included.

These magnificent table lamps in a traditional design will look great in your house. They include smooth workmanship and a gorgeous antique brass finish. Lamps are more significant than any other furniture in setting the mood and ambiance. When it comes to generating a serene and comfortable ambiance, table lamps are excellent tools. After all, table lights are a simple method to express yourself.


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