Get Furnituristic with Pinch of Pretty

Children’s room needs to be spacious, vibrant and a happy place where they learn and grow. It is their domain to play, create, study and relax. A do-it-all space for the youngest members of the household, so it’s only right that these spaces demand perhaps the biggest creative input when it comes to decorating. Furniture plays a vital role in any room, so Pinch of Pretty brings you some essential furniture ideas for your kids.


  • Easy to reach shelves: Add in some easy to reach shelves for your young kids so that they can help themselves with their toys, books and clothes. Children will learn organizational skills and this will make them independent.

  • Invest accordingly: When choosing a bed for your kids, remember that children are in a growing stage and they thus, outgrow their bed and clothes real soon. So instead of choosing something expensive for a little time, you can try choosing an age-friendly, sturdy bed for your kid.

  • Book case: A reading habit from an early age goes a very long way! Be sure to include bookcases as an integral part of the room’s layout as this will inculcate them towards reading and learning. Also, as kids grow up they require more and more book storage for their studies, so choose your bookcase accordingly.
  • Designated play space: Nothing better if you have enough space to let your kids explore, experience and learn. Remember to have a spacious room for their kids so that they have ample space to play and stay lively.

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