Look who's growing the fastest!

Little children grow too fast, just one day they were crawling right in front of you and today they just beat you in the park race. 

As your little one magically starts to get bigger, Pinch of Pretty brings these height charts that will help you track their growth and development over the years. The height chart will be there to keep track of every single inch before they fly high. 


Our height charts are made in canvas and also make a great piece of wall art. You can simply hang it on your wall and watch as your little one grows taller and taller.

Pinch of Pretty has uniquely designed height charts for you to choose. Follow your little one's milestones with this pretty purple butterfly growth chart that not only keeps track of your child's development but looks adorable at the same time. Who doesn't love jungle animals? Educate your little one with our zoo favourite height chart. Make learning fun with our nautical height charts, capture and save your child's measured milestones.  


Our height charts are easy to clean as well. You can wipe the dust with a soft or damp cloth.  Should the growth chart wrinkle, it can be easily ironed at a low heat. You can roll it up easily for safe storage. 

Add these modern decorations in your child’s room and light it up. The height charts are great for gifting too. Visit our website and place your order for these beautifully hand crafted height charts. 

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