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Wall clocks have been a part of our life for quite some time. People always felt the desire to tell and connect with the time. Back then when were younger, we used to measure time by the rising and setting of the sun, and a month by the waxing and waning of the moon. However, these days and with technology, we may easily relate to time by using a Wall Clock. Wall clocks may be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Our most recent collection of lovely wall clocks will effortlessly beautify your home. There is always a clock that will match your interior, mood, and color combination. Choose our UNICORN WALL CLOCKWHALE WALL CLOCKSWAN WHALE CLOCK.

To add a whimsical charm to a kid's room at the most affordable price.

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With these lovely and decorative wall clocks, create a welcoming and positive atmosphere in your house. Almost every color you like is available for wall clocks. These clocks instantly provide brightness and establish the atmosphere. With the theme as the framework, upgrading the room is simpler. They are fantastic home decor objects in addition to being practical and keeping the time track.

Pick Our Analogue Wall Clock to Add Whimsical Charm to Your Room

These are the ones that are most widely used to show the hour and minute hands for timekeeping. The fabulous collection of Pine Wood Clocks is here to give a child's room a whimsical charm. Pinewood and plastic are common materials used to make wall clocks. This wall art is made to endure a long time and is simple to maintain. These decorative wall clocks have been carefully made by skilled artisans combining a variety of traditional methods.


Check out our list of wall clocks and make the best choice for your room and wish list, add to cart and happy shopping.

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This unicorn clock has the ideal color scheme, which elevates it to an exotic new level. This sturdy wall clock is a great choice for your house, workplace, or child's room. Constructed of premium pine wood, it will offer your home or office decor a royal appearance that is sure to be praised by your guests. This classy Unicorn wall clock will complement any color combination in your room.



  • 3 Designs available
  • Best for interior use
  • Clock Uses AA Batteries for Power

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. Which style and dimension of the wall clock should I purchase?

Ans. Depending on where you plan to display the clock, you can pick the color, style, form, and size that you desire.

Q. Is it right to hang a wall clock above a door?

Ans. It depends on where your door is. If you hang the wall clock over any doors that are in the corner or open sideways, the visibility will be hindered and it will be useless.


* Pinch of Pretty works hard to offer every client the greatest goods at a reasonable price. It offers a huge selection of magnificent decor pieces that have been expertly handcrafted and delicately created to suit your preferences. The goods provide elegance and enhance your home's aesthetic appeal.

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