Wine Bottle Holders- Your exquisite decor choice

Enhance your home decor by displaying your favorite wine in an interesting and unique way. Pinch of Pretty has got these perfect wine bottle holders for you. The wine bottle holders come with a small but exquisite message for you that adds a sparkle to the special occasions. 

These adorable wine bottle holders allow you to make a carrier that fits a bottle of wine perfectly, which is also absolutely reusable. These wine cases are easy to carry as they are attached with jute rope and come in two designs, one natural and the other with a grey finish. You can also stock your vintage wines in these wooden wine bottle holders.

The simple yet elegant design of these wine bottle holders makes it a great display piece that is perfect for kitchen counters, dining room tables, buffets, coffee tables, fireplaces, and even display cabinets. 

Give your home a classy and elegant look with these wine bottle holders from Pinch of Pretty. Also, a perfect gifting option, these wine bottle holders make a lovely gift for housewarming parties and festive times. Bring these wine bottle holders home and you are bound to love them!


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