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Dino Bed Table

Rs. 4,200 Rs. 6,000

Introducing our captivating Dino Foldable Table, meticulously crafted from sturdy acacia wood to bring the fascination of dinosaurs and the charm of butterflies seamlessly into your child's play or learning space. This unique piece is designed to spark curiosity and foster creativity, making it an ideal addition for playdates and educational activities.

Crafted with the utmost care, our foldable table ensures durability and visual appeal, promising endless hours of joy and exploration. Its multifunctionality allows it to be a versatile companion, adapting effortlessly to play, learning, or any creative endeavor your child embarks upon.

Each purchase includes our Dino Foldable Table, complete with fittings for quick and easy installation. This table is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use while remaining a beautiful and functional feature in your child's space.

Measuring at a convenient size of W=26.2" X D=15"X H=10.75", our foldable table strikes the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether your child's play area is spacious or cozy, the sleek and slender design, coupled with the delightful dinosaur motif, adds a touch of sophistication and whimsical charm to any space.

Beyond its practical application, our Dino Foldable Table serves as a delightful decorative element, perfect for enhancing the theme of any room. Watch as your child's imagination takes flight and roams the prehistoric world with this captivating accessory.

So, why settle for ordinary furniture when you can transform your child's space into a magical haven with our Dino Foldable Table? Order now and witness the enchantment unfold as this delightful piece becomes a centrepiece for endless joy and exploration.


MADE FROM ACACIA WOOD AND LAMINATE: Crafted from sturdy acacia wood for durability and longevity.

SOLD IN A PAIR: Complete with fittings for quick and easy installation.

GENEROUS SIZE: Convenient dimensions of W=26.2" X D=15"X H=10.75" to fit most play or learning spaces.

EXQUISITE DESIGN: Delightful dinosaur motifs for a touch of elegance.

EXPERTLY CRAFTED: Meticulous attention to detail in crafting for longevity.

SLEEK FINISH: Glossy finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.

CHARMING ELEMENT: Adds a whimsical and captivating touch to your child's space.

ELEVATED AESTHETIC: Enhances the overall look of the room with sophistication.


Please note that the natural texture of wood might differ in each piece

Also Please note that due to the weight of this item, shipping charges will apply based on your location. Our team will connect with you to provide information about the same once you purchase this item. 

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