Pinch of pretty

Mushroom Baby Crib

Rs. 80,000

Your babies deserves the softest care, most peaceful sleep and sweetest of dreams. Mushroom Crib is designed specially for babies to enjoy their sleep time and wander into their innocent fantasies while feeling secure under the hooded structure inspired from mushroom. This crib constructed with sustainably sourced & kiln-dried wood, completed with child-safe, water-based finishes is sure to attract attention and become a talking point!


  • Production Time: 20 days post Order Date
  • One of the side railing can be removed to turn the crib into a daybed when the child grows. 
  • Termite proof, weather proof & water resistant 
  • Comes unassembled (Free Installation in Delhi) 
  • Hand-crafted, hand assembled, and made to perfection in India.

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